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I’ve always loved to travel. My first flight was at six months old traveling from California where my mother’s side of the family live out to Wisconsin to meet my dad’s side of the family. My mom claims I was always well behaved on these trips and I can only believe that the travel bug bit me early on. We moved from California to Wisconsin before I was five years old and with family all over the country I spent a lot of vacations growing up shuttling between the Midwest and the West Coast. I’ve spent a good amount of time on the East Coast and after graduating college I moved to the South so I can safely say I’ve seen a good chunk of the U.S.

With that said, my experience outside of our great borders? None. With all the time and money spent on visiting family we never managed to really make it anywhere new which has always been some what of a disappointment to me. And unfortunately my husband and I have fallen into the same slump since moving to Texas. Every trip is up to Minnesota for a family event or holiday. And I so long to escape this country and experience things I’ve only read about. I studied history and political science in college and while American history is to be found everywhere there is just no comparison to the chance to see Stonehenge which was built in roughly 5500 years ago!

So we recently decided to stop waiting and start doing. We are currently in the early stages of planning our first trip to Europe next year, focusing around London and Edinburgh. And when I say early stages I mean I have most every day laid out and we should be buying our airline tickets within the next two months for April of 2017. I am an intense planner and couldn’t be more excited for the chance to walk through castles I’ve grown up reading about.

20160416_153303Which brings me to the purpose of this blog. Historic Wandering will be focused on, you guessed it, history and traveling. I travel quite a bit for work and on the weekends my husband and I like to make excursions around Texas to try and learn as much about this area as we can while we’re lucky enough to live here. I will be sharing these adventures with you as well as any of our out of state trips, and specifically focusing on the history of where we’re going. It may be a weird combo but expect a lot of Southwestern history intermingled with the history of the United Kingdom. And once that trip is done? Who knows where we’ll go but expect to learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know!

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    July 4, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    This Blog is brought to you by Raven 😀

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