The Oldest City in Texas

IMG_2667My current position in my company calls for and allows me to travel quite a bit around the state of Texas. Until recently I have been focused on the Dallas-Fort Worth and East Texas area but starting next month I will also cover West Texas up into the panhandle and New Mexico.  I’m particularity excited about the chance to travel to New Mexico and explore with flights and accommodations covered.  My favorite place to go since I’ve had this job though is Nacogdoches in Deep East Texas, otherwise known as the oldest city in Texas.


There are multiple reasons I love traveling to Nac but it mostly comes down to nostalgia.  Before I started this position I didn’t leave the big city very often and I didn’t realize how much I missed the tall trees and actual landscape that you don’t get in flat North Texas.  Another fond term for the area of Texas where Nacogodches resides is ‘The Piney Woods’ and for good reason.  As soon as you hit a certain point of the highway you start to see tall pine trees and actual forests and it is such an escape.


Not only does the terrain remind me a lot of Minnesota, but the town itself is very similar to Winona, MN where I went to college.  It is a very small town and like Winona, it is mainly centered around the University that makes up the heart beat of the city, Stephen F. Austin.  I spend a lot of time at SFA for work and the campus itself is very similar to Winona State, not to mention both schools share the colors of white and purple.  I can walk through campus, surrounded by tall trees and my home colors and briefly imagine that I’m back in the Midwest.


After almost two years of traveling to Nac for work I finally convinced my husband to make a day trip with me so he could see what I meant.  We drove the 2.5 hours in to eat some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had courtesy of Auntie Pastas. If you ever travel through East Texas this resturant is a must. I’m an avid Caesar Salad fan and I have never had a better version than what they serve there!  We then spent a few hours driving through campus before walking through their outdoor Arboretum maintained by their students.  I had never walked through the Arboretum before and though it was very warm in early July it was worth the time.


We grabbed some frozen yogurt before heading out of town towards Caddo Mounds and Mission Tejas State Park, which I have covered in a previous post.  I’m not sure quite how we know which city is the oldest in Texas, but whether that claim is true or not, Nac is worth a quick day trip to explore.

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