Dream purchased!

As discussed previously I’ve long had the desire to travel to Europe, specifically England.  For a long time I’ve said that as soon as I qualify for my extra week of vacation for work we’re taking two weeks off and going there. Well I hit five years with my company in March which means four weeks of PTO for 2017 and we found tickets and are heading to Ireland and the United Kingdoms!

We discovered our best bet for reasonable round trip tickets was to fly into Dublin.  We spend two nights in Dublin, fly to London, six nights there, fly to Edinburgh, two nights there and then back to Dublin for another two nights.  We’re going in the spring towards the end of shoulder season and for all those flights are tickets totaled about $1600 for the two of us.

I am beyond thrilled and I’m going to have a hard time thinking about much else between now and then.  My mother is a hard core planner and I’ve inherited most of her obsession in that department, although tempered with my dad’s easy going attitude. I have a stack of travel books to read through and I will be planning up until they day we depart, but I’ll be flexible once there.

So as I start planning feel free to send me your tips, advice and must sees! I have a lot in mind of course but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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