Homeward Bound

I recently returned from a quick two day mini-vacation to my home state of Wisconsin. Although I love my life in the huge city that is Dallas, it is always nice to get back to a slower pace and calmer life style if only for a few days. I hadn’t planned on making this quick turn around trip as I was just up north in May for a close friend’s wedding, but I was able to score decent tickets and had a Southwest voucher burning a hole in my pocket.

My dad turned 50 on July 6th so of course my mom went all out not just with a big party for family and friends, but with a surprise trip for the two of them to Mexico in November. My dad had no idea I was showing and showed his usual level of excitement (heavy sarcasm) by asking “what the hell are you doing here” when he first saw me.

My original plan to drive down to central Wisconsin on Friday night got delayed along side my flight. After a few delays, I didn’t have my hands on the key to rental car until almost midnight. With a three hour drive I opted to get a hotel room and drive in Saturday morning. The party was wonderful and I enjoyed more than my fair share of my favorite Wisconsin-exclusive drink, Spotted Cow. Sunday was spend with the extended family at our usual breakfast place before I drove back up early Monday morning to spend the day at the airport working from my laptop to avoid using a vacation day.

My youngest cousin on my dad’s side is only five years old and lives outside of Philadelphia so this was the first time all four grandkids were in the same place at the same time. It was definitely worth the extra splurge to make the last minute trip.

What better way to describe WI than my favorite childhood ride at my hometown pizza joint?

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