I’m leaving on a jet plane…

This was my first time booking an out of country flight and I was a bit nervous. I fly constantly in the country and know all the standard tips for that but I felt like the earlier the better with the UK trip and I think I was right.

Originally we had planned to just spend time England and Scotland but after watching the price of tickets for months I stumbled across a great low fare to fly us into Dublin. The catch? We would be leaving ON St. Patrick’s day.  Nobody wants to leave Ireland on that holiday so the price of tickets dropped over 500 dollars.

After some research I figured out the only thing we’ll really be missing is the parade as the festival typically starts the day before.  So we extended our trip to accommodate some extra days in Ireland and booked it back in August through Aer Lingus the former government owned airline of Ireland.  From there we looked to British airways for local flights from Dublin to London, London to Edinburgh and Edinburgh back to Dublin before we depart. pexels-photo-31431-1

All told for the two of us our tickets cost $1,654.42.  Not bad considering that is all our inter-city flights as well and a lot cheaper than what I was seeing for direct into London. We also managed to save based not just on the holiday but also that we’re going during ‘shoulder’ season.  I know it may not be perfect weather when we’re there but from what I’ve read there is no such thing as perfect weather in the UK or Ireland.  And hey, I’m from Wisconsin, I can handle a little cold.

What do you all think? Should I have waited to book closer to the trip?  Does anybody have any experience flying Aer Lingus or British Airways?

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