The Crown

Of course I’ve always been drawn to anything related to English History but I’ve been taking the extra step of immersing myself in entertainment that only focuses on the UK and Ireland recently as I prepare for our trip there.  It’s also a great way to help count down the days until I leave.  So when I heard about the new Netflix original show called “The The Crown on netflix. Crown” about the early years of Elizabeth II’s reign I knew I had to put it on my must watch list.

I’ve never been super invested in today’s modern family and in general have tended to neglect the more ‘modern’ history of the past 75 years or so.  But “The Crown” fully pulled me in and engaged me in a way that I haven’t been previously.  I haven’t studied a lot about the British Monarchy past the Glorious Revolution so the insight into how that all works was very enticing to me.

The idea that Elizabeth II can’t show a single opinion is simply unbelievable to me.  She must be the crown, not a person and I don’t think I would have that in me. I am sure there are people who envy the royal family with their wealth and privilege, and they certainly have plenty of that.  But to be set apart like that? To not be able to show your true self to your world? To have every facial expression or fight with your husband dissected by the public?  I think I prefer my boring life of obscurity and middle class to be honest.

The first ten episodes of “The Crown” were outstanding and I was happy to read they’ve already began to film the next season.  This show has inspired me to do some more reading about the modern royal family.  I highly recommend diving into it yourself.

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