Harry Potter, Love and Obsession

Harry Potter

A lifelong obsession

If you’re an avid reader like me you’re going to understand what I mean when I say that we all have those books that hold special meaning to us. Books that we grew up with, that helped us through rough times, with characters we feel we can relate to.  For me the number one book on that list isn’t a book, but a series. I’m sure there are millions of people in my age group that would say the same thing but I truly grew up with and on the Harry Potter series.

I must have been about ten when the third book came out and I first heard of the series. I remember very clearly begging my parents to get me the set from a book fair at school and being so mad that they told me no.  Little did I know they had already bought me the books and they were wrapped up under our Christmas Tree.  And just like that, on Christmas morning a life long fan was born.

Before every book came out I would re-read the entire series previously just in time to pick up where the last left off with the release.  I did the same with the movies.  Since then I have re-read the series annually. In fact my old set became so worn out and beaten up that last year for our anniversary my husband bought me a beautiful new hardcover set that is stored in a trunk like Harry would have taken to Hogwarts (much smaller of course).

Why Harry?

JK Rowling is truly a genius storyteller.  Not only is her prose beautiful and engaging and thoughtful but the foreshadowing hasn’t been matched in any other book I’ve encountered. I swear every time I re-read the series I pick up on another clue that gives away what is coming.  She must have known from the very beginning so much of the later plot to make it work the way she did.

The other reason to love her and her stories is of course, the engaging and inspiring character that is Hermione Granger. As a young girl I was placed in a gifted and talented class.  That class was an incredibly place to be but the kids outside of the program were known to pick on us for reading too much, for paying too much attention, or as Hermione often heard, being a know-it-all.  So to have a young girl show such strength of character and feminist resolve was a song for my heart.

Countdown to London

So of course as we are now less than six weeks away from our grand London adventure I had to pull out the series once more and devour it before we go.  I’m forcing my husband to re-watch the movies with us and my to-do list for London and Edinburgh include half a dozen Harry Potter themed things including the movie studio tour and eating at the café where JK Rowling wrote the majority of the books.

I’m counting down the days eagerly to London because of things like Harry Potter.  Aside from the history I love and obsess over I will get to immerse myself in Hogwarts, visit the birthplace of Shakespeare, and roam the streets that Charles Dickens wrote so eloquently about.   This trip can’t come soon enough.

What book do you read over and over?

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